How Can You Create An Edu Email Account?

Enrolling in a university or affiliated educational institutes would automatically enable you to get a free educational address. But what to do if you do not fit into the guidelines of acquiring an Edu email, yet you want one for yourself? 
Having an Edu email benefits you in multiple ways. You will be eligible to get a considerable discount on various services along with other amazing advantages. Continue reading this article to know how to get a free Edu email
How to Create a Free Edu Email Address?
  1. Launch a web browser to access the link mentioned below
  3. Now select the create an account option. 
  4. Provide all the required information to create a free Edu email
  5. Once your detailed authentication completes, you will be asked to answer some security questions. 
  6. Answer all the security questions carefully and note them somewhere for further future purposes. You will need to provide them if you forget your username or the password in the future. 
  7. Input the captcha code running on your screen. 
  8. Press on the create my account button. 
  9. Now, your free Edu email address is created. 
Moreover, having a U.S. identity and the home address will make this a piece of cake to create a free .edu email address. nonetheless, various online tools are available to generate a disguised home address for various purposes. Stay tuned for more updates! Stay safe!