How to Download Movies from Netflix to Windows 10?

All of us want to watch the latest and hottest movies, web series, cartoons, and TV shows. There are multiple platforms available for it; one such legal and the safest platform is Netflix. Netflix is famous among video lovers, which allows top-notch movies on a premium version. Well, the content it offers is worth the money users pay for it.
Anyhow, online streaming of movies becomes a little tricky when you are traveling and have an unstable internet connection. Luckily, Netflix users can save videos offline on mobile phones as well as computers. Read on to know how to download movie from Netflix on Windows 10. 
Steps to Download Netflix Videos on Windows 10
  1. Set up an account on Netflix by signing up and paying for the premium version. 
  2. Launch the Microsoft Store on your computer and search for “Netflix”.
  3. Click on the “Download” > “Install” the Netflix app and launch it. 
  4. Log in to your Netflix account.
  5. Select the three-lined horizontal menu bar from the top left corner of your screen.
  6. Go to “My Download” to download Netflix movies to Windows
  7. Now, go to the movie you wish to download and click on the “Download” button lying just below the movie description. 
Hey! Still, searching for how to download Netflix movies for free? You can visit torrent websites and access Netflix and Amazon movies for free. Besides, numerous free Netflix downloaders are available online, but they can be a threat to your system along with your privacy.