How to Login to Hulu with Disney Plus?

Once you've signed up for the Disney Plus service, you can sign up for Hulu. The subscription works in the same way as Hulu. Once you've registered, click the "Login" button, and then enter your email address and password. You'll now be able to log into both accounts. During the process, you'll be asked to enter your Disney+ username and password, and you'll be able to view all of your account's content.
Creating A Hulu Account
If you have a Hulu account, you'll need to create a new one. This time, you'll need to enter your Disney Plus email and password. Then, choose Manage Plan, which is in the "Your Subscription" section. You'll need to create a new password to access your Disney account. Once you have it, you can log in to any Hulu website or application.
Last Step
Once you've created an account for Disney+, you can access Hulu. Just go to the "My Subscriptions'' section in your Disney Plus account, and click on the Hulu link. In the new window, click the link "Disney+''. Now you'll be able to sign in with your Disney plus account, which is part of the Disney+ bundle.