How to Sign up on A Zoom Account?

If someone had asked us about the zoom account like two years back most of us would have not definitely known about it. But this pandemic made all the school gatherings or office gatherings in this one place ‘zoom’. To be more specific, for about one year ‘ app’ has become our schools or colleges or offices. 
So now let’s check out the steps to download such an effective app on our device. 
Step-by-Step Guidance to Login to Your Zoom Account:
Step 1:
On your device, open the play store or app store. Then, in the search bar type zoom, click on it, and install it. 
Step 2:
To sign up, add your basic information like first name, last name. Also, enter the email address that will be convenient for you to use it. 
Step 3:
Enter the password of your zoom account, also agree to the terms and conditions by checking out on the box. Tap ok to confirm the mail. 
Step 4:
Now go to your mail and open the activating mail from zoom and click activate account. 
Step 5:
After activating, go to your mail again and enter the login credentials. 
That’s it now you have successfully signed up for your zoom account.
Features in Having a Zoom Account:
  • You can create a meeting even if you are not having a premium account.
  • If you feel hesitant to talk, you can chat in the box given. 
  • Webinars, break-out rooms, conferences can be conducted using this zoom.
When you log out of this zoom account, you can type this on your address bar ‘ login’ which helps you to log in to your account again. 
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