List of 1337x Torrent Alternative Sites (Unblock) 100% Working

Large files on the internet can be shared using any of the torrent sites like 1337X Torrent which allows users to download software, movies, games, and apps. However, the government in most countries block torrent websites since these websites violate copyright law. 
1337X Movies is also a torrent website still preferred by all movie lovers since they can access this website for free. Due to copyright infringement, most of the countries have blocked the site yet with third-party networks people tend to use it. 
Other ways to access the 1337x website, if blocked:
Users can use the torrent through 1337X Proxy and mirror sites or any of the third-party websites. So before you begin, ensure that visiting this site will provide safety and a secure connection. 
List of Active 1337x Proxy Sites:
1337X Proxy Unblock site which are official areas listed below. 
  • 1337x
List of Mirror And Proxy Sites of 1337x Website:
Users access these Unblocked 1337X Proxy sites by third-party networks and VPN software. 
Are these Sites Safe to Access?
So before accessing websites like this, users always have to have clear research about the torrent site that they are going to visit. Since your one visit can even damage the system that you are using. 
Ads are generated on these websites, with which they earn a huge amount of profit. However, these ads on this site, even in the X1337X Proxy can be dangerous to the visitors who are clicking those ads. Ads are used by hackers as a tool to hack the device of the users. 
Is it legal?
These sites are also not legally available because the content in this violates the law that is set by most of the government.